Maintenance Services


Maintenance Services

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We have been maintaining, servicing, repairing and improving yachts for a very long time and are excited to be able to share our knowledge and experience in these matters to help improve your yacht and keep it running throughout the season. We can carry out any task aboard from a simple fix of a broken component to a full refit. Most jobs are carried out by us direct although if we can’t do it we know a man that can and will swiftly and seamlessly organise repair and replacement for you. We have a massive range of parts and accessories at our fingertips and are flexible enough to get parts at short notice and ship them to you or if its urgent we can even fly in to wherever your boat may be to bring the part and install it for you minimising your breakdown time and getting your boat back on the move as quickly as possible. Aside from breakdown we can also carry out many jobs that you probably don't want to do or haven't got the time to do yourself, regular service of equipment, boatyard work and winter jobs when you'd rather be knocking the powder off your skis that scraping the ice off your boat!

Annual Contracts

diYachting can offer you the opportunity to sail your yacht alone and enjoy it in private with your friends and family without full time crew getting in your way yet without having to do all the cleaning and maintenance yourself. We will make sure the boat is ready when and where you need it giving you the flexibility to cruise where and when you like. We offer a service that bridges the gap between Guardiennage and full time crew, we have spent years aboard yachts not only learning how they work and what they need to keep them in tip top shape, looking fabulous and running smoothly but also learning what owners need in terms of management and maintenance.

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WINTERvention is a new package from DIYachting. It's a Winter Intervention by us to your yacht to take care of everything that your boat needs throughout the winter months when you aren't aboard. We make sure she is laid up correctly and ready for the winter, we keep an eye on her through the winter a few times and then put her back together in the Spring ready for you to get back aboard.

WINTERvention is designed for owners that like to look after their yachts themselves during the summer but haven't got the time to keep her in good shape through the winter, this package will see us visit the yacht in the autumn once you've done your last cruise, we’ll remove the sails and stow them inside the boat or deliver them to the sailmaker for service and storage after rinsing and drying them thoroughly, we'll give her a really good clean inside and out including into the bilges and a scrub of the teak and a treatment with teak sealer if required. We'll remove the canvas, rinse, dry and stow it, mouse out the halyards and make sure the machinery is ready for the winter, water maker pickled, antifreeze in the engine and gen. Then we'll set up the dehumidifier, stow the gangway and double up the lines before locking her up ready for whatever the winter has to throw at her. Before leaving we will make sure the marina has our contact number should anything happen to your boat. As our WINTERvention is a winter long service we will visit the boat twice over the winter to give her a clean on the decks, open the hatches and air the interior, run the engine, generator and as many pumps and other systems as possible just to make sure everything is still in good working order. After each visit we will email you with a report of what we have done and what we have found out during our visits including sending you some pictures of your boat to reassure you she's in good shape. Then when spring is approaching we will return to the boat and get everything ready for the season, sails back on, canvas on, oil and filter service the engine and generator (or we can arrange and oversee a full dealer service if the hours require it or if you would prefer), de-pickle the water-maker and give her a good clean including a teak scrub and treatment if required. This will see your boat back in service ready for your first visit in better condition than she was when you left her at the end of the season last year.

Prices for WINTERvention vary depending on the size of your yacht and her location so please contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs.

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Haul Out Management

All yachts require an annual Haul Out for antifouling, anodes and a general polish but as this will most likely take place during the winter so as not to interfere with your cruising time you will probably not be interested in taking time out to manage this yourself. We can offer a Haul Out Management service either as a stand alone product or to run alongside the WINTERvention package. We will organise everything for you, reservations for your yacht to be hauled out in the yard of your choice or at a place we recommend if you don't know anywhere. We will then go to your boat and deliver her to the yard at the time of the booked Lift Out, we'll be on hand to check she's lifted safely, chocked and washed and then subject to your needs we will arrange all the necessary works and maintenance while she is out of the water including anodes, antifouling and polishing, filling and fairing, bow thruster works, prop shaft and stern gland seals and bearings checked. We'll be on hand to oversee all of this work and will photograph and report on everything that is done so you can rest assured that you have received what you wanted and paid for. We'll also be able to advise on any problems that are found while she's out and liase with you about extra works that need to be done. After everything is finished we will oversee the drop in, check the bilges and vent the stern gland before delivering the boat back to your berth.

Prices for Haul Out management vary depending on size of boat, the location of your berth and the boatyard plus the list of jobs you have while she is out of the water and whether you want us or the boatyard to do the works. Please contact us for more information and to get a quote.

  • engine room
  • water & fuel tanks
  • new deck windows
  • haul out, new antifouling


SUMMERservice is another new package from diYachting. It's a package for the busy owners that use their boats heavily through the season, obviously boats are there to be used and you should make the most of the few months of good weather but at the same time you want to maximise your enjoyment time aboard and going to the boat for a week just to clean and service her isn't what most people class as quality sailing time! However, you can’t ignore the fact that boats need servicing and cleaning if you are going to avoid expensive breakdown and rapid deterioration of the decks, stainless and gelcoat if it's not kept clean. Our SUMMERservice package is a mid season freshen up and service for your boat, we go aboard and give her a full deep clean, service everything, engine, generator, water maker and we can even carry out any repairs you need, it's a great way to bring your pride and joy back up to scratch for the rest of the season.

Prices for SUMMERservice vary depending on the size of your yacht and the location of her so please contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs.

Project Management

If you have a particular project that you have been thinking about doing on your boat over the winter months or indeed at any time then we can offer an all inclusive project management service to help you get the jobs done on board, on time and correctly without you having to chase half a dozen people arranging for keys to be passed around and making sure works are done to your requirements and in the right order. Whatever your project we can help, whether you are having a major refit, a new engine or generator, peeling back your antifouling for a fresh coat of epoxy or just a sand of the teak. Our service will include specific management of all the jobs you instruct us to do. We'll liaise direct with the suppliers and subcontractors and be on site at vital points in the process to oversee the job, make sure it's done correctly and without damage to the rest of the boat. We'll report back to you during and at the end with pictures of the works as they are completed. No job is too big or too small but without project management you may not end up with what you wanted at all.

Products, Upgrades & Services

We also have many products we can offer and install ourselves to help improve your yacht, these include:
- RedBox wifi solutions, inc 3G, Wifi, Sat connectivity, the ONLY on board network that truly works!
- Bespoke yacht entertainment systems including Sonos and Bose. Apple TV AV solutions, new TV’s in all cabins and on board Satellite TV systems.
- Carbonautica Carbon and Glassfibre steering wheels and gangways.
- Harken kit, supplied, fitted and serviced.
- Glendinning Shore Power Cables with electrically retractable spools, never coil up a dirty cable again!
- Ocean Safety safety gear, new equipment and service.
- Quooker boiling water taps for permanent boiling water at very low amp draw.
- Electric cookers with induction hobs.
- Raritan Electric toilets with switchable fresh / salt water inlets.
- Pyroglass Fire protection for engine room water and fuel hoses as required by the MCA.
- Sails - North Sails, sales and service, free advice, tuning, repairs managed, tax free delivery.
- Henri Lloyd & Musto clothing with or without boat names embroidered or printed.
- We can source any part fitted to a CNB yacht through CNB themselves and other manufacturers.
- Vinyl Hull Wraps, we’ve done two and they look stunning!
- ARC/Transatlantic consultancy, includes boat visit, equipment and setup advice etc Provisioning advice and menu training.
- Financial management, quarterly/annual accounts, invoice payment, cash, crew salaries etc.
- Race management, entries, IRC certificates, berthing, professional race crew, crew logistics, boat and rating optimisation, speed clinic and race training.
- Website building and maintenance, brochures, business cards, headed letter paper.
See our Services Page for more information about these products.

As no two projects are the same its vital that we sit down to discuss your specific requirements and what you expect from us before we quote you for the job. So, please contact us and we'll get the ball rolling.

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