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Yacht Management

Every yacht owner and captain can benefit from shore side management, running a yacht takes time, a crewed yacht even more time and a crewed charter yacht more still. At diYachting we offer full management services to take the workload away from you and leave you with a stress free boat to enjoy when you want it. For a monthly fee we can take over all of the management of the boat and owning company, if you have one, leave us to take care of all the details and you will save not only time but in the long run you could save money too. You will have one point of contact for all your requirements for the boat, leave the rest to us, no need to chase the captain for expenses spreadsheets, marinas for bookings, yards for quotes or builders for warranty decisions, we do it all...

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UK Registration

There are many advantages to having your boat registered on the British registry of shipping, often it's advantageous or desirable for non-UK citizens to want to register their yachts in the UK. At diYachting we have services that we offer to both UK Citizens and non-UK owners wanting to register on Part 1 of the British registry. At DIYachting we have been assisting yacht owners register their yachts in the UK for over 10 years, we provide a full registration service of advice and consultation followed by carrying out all aspects of the registration bringing together all the required documents and declarations, bills of sale & tonnage survey.

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MCA Coding & MLC

MCA Coding, as it is known, basically means bringing your yacht into compliance with the MCA code of practice for small commercial vessels (under 24m load line length) it’s the way that the British government have chosen to impose certain safety standards on British registered yachts that are engaged in commercial activity. If you want to charter your yacht or become commercially registered on the British registry you must be MCA coded. Of course this MCA standard is recognised worldwide so becoming coded is open to any yacht of any flag and is often done by private owners looking for guidance on safety standards aboard.

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VAT Import & VAT on Charters

EU Importation & Charter VAT "In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes" (Benjamin Franklin, 1789). Being a yacht owner brings no escape from the latter. In recent years the EU has harmonised its VAT regulations and now all member states subscribe, it means there is more certainty when cruising in EU waters but there are also less loopholes and ways to escape the inevitable payment of VAT on your yacht's activities. Indeed with the recent financial crisis the member states are being more and more vigilant on their enforcement of these rules as the bottom line to them is VAT = income and rich yacht owners are seen as easy targets. Rules differ depending on whether the yacht is owned from within the EU or outside the EU either privately or by a company and countries are able to lift the veil of incorporation to establish the final beneficial owner and it is his or her residence status inside or outside the EU that defines whether they are ultimately liable for VAT.

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Central Agent

Chartering has been a huge part of our business and life over the past 18 years whether it be racing or luxury cruising charter. Matt & Liz gained an exceptional reputation for providing a first class charter experience during their 14 years working aboard yachts as Captain and Chef and now have turned that knowledge and experience towards diYachting's charter brokerage di Yacht Charter full time. We pride ourselves that we now continue to offer exceptional service to our charter clients from their first enquiry throughout the booking process and the actual cruise.

Our experience in managing charter yachts as a crew, manager and charter broker means we are in the perfect position to manage your yacht for charter. For yachts that have a full time crew aboard then we can offer Central Managing Agent services to you. In this service we handle everything to do with chartering your yacht from the production of yacht brochures and websites, advertising, taking bookings and handling the charter funds as stakeholder and contracts plus payment of any VAT due leaving you and your captain to concentrate on looking after the yacht and carrying out the charters while we do the rest. If you are starting out in chartering then we can also help you get the boat set up, MCA coding, Commercial registration, VAT import and VAT numbers in the country of operation, we can even find crew for you and manage them if you wish!

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Crew Services

We have placed many crews aboard yachts, full time and seasonal, we can even find occasional crew for deliveries or just summer cruising if you wish, we have a long list of experienced Captains, Deckhands, Stewardesses and Chefs available to work aboard your yacht. Whether you need a crew to sail with you and your family or to handle a busy charter season we have the people that can rise to the occasion and perform.

We offer a recruitment service that can result in either you employing the crew direct or us employing them and subcontracting them to you. Whichever you choose the process is the same, in this case we can help with the recruitment process, we advertise for applicants, vet them, speak to the best and then discuss the options with you. We will then invite the ones you like to an interview that we will be happy to attend if you wish. After you have decided who you want we will handle the salary and benefits negotiation, put together a package offer for them and translate this into an MLC compliant employment contract once its all complete. We will endeavour to take the stress out of employment and offer advice and assistance every step of the way.

Our service doesn't stop at recruitment, we can take over the management of your existing crew if you now find yourself overwhelmed by the new requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention or if you are just finding the management of their salary, insurances, healthcare and time off too much to cope with. We have freelance crews available at short notice to assist with deliveries, stand in during crew annual leave and help out at busy times. we don't just do hiring we do firing too! We can also handle your crew removal needs, we’ll take over the process of getting rid of a bad crew, rescue your boat from wherever it may have ended up, put on a temporary crew to tide you over and then help you get back up and running with a new crew.

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