The jet tender alternative.  Large on the water, compact when stowed.

In recent years we’ve been seeing more and more jet tenders.  They are increasingly popular and becoming well know as an easy to stow, safe and fun alternative to a classic outboard.  

Jet tenders have become the obvious choice when stowage space is limited, particularly due to garage constraints and many of our managed yachts have opted for these popular models.  Aermarine’s range of Cabrio RIBs offers a really interesting alternative, renewing the jet vs outboard debate.  

The historic disadvantage of a tender with an outboard engine is the extra length and space required when the engine is tilted up.  Additionally, the centre of gravity shifts to the aft, making launching and retrieving more challenging.

These Italian made tenders, feature a folding transom that allows the entire engine to fold back into the boat, this reduces both the height and length of the tender and shifts the centre of gravity forward.   

Even better, for models over 3.15 metres in length, this is all electric and remote controlled.  

Handling & Performance
The increased hull length means improved handling, Cabrio tenders also boast better performance with low power and manoeuvring, especially in high weed areas.  As well as being lighter weight and demonstrating reduced fuel consumption compared to jet tenders.   

Maintenance & Servicing
Jet tenders are prone to mechanical issues and it’s not always straightforward finding a service centre that can help.  Cabrio tenders feature standard outboard engines from recognised manufacturers, notably much easier to service and maintain.

Price & Specifications
Models are available from 2.2m to 5m.

Manual models from 2.2m to 3.2m.

Remote control 3.15m to 5m.

Prices start at £7,333.50 (inc VAT).

We love the Cabrio 320CH, with Yamaha, 25hp engine, remote control drop down electric transom, 3.15m L x 1.64m W.  Prices start at £23,839 (inc VAT).

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