As you may have gathered from the title, we think Spinlock Lifejackets are the best! Our visit to their factory yesterday served to confirm our thoughts and enlighten us to their UK based assembly operation.

Located on the beautiful Isle of Wight the factory is a hive of activity. Every lifejacket that Spinlock manufactures is hand assembled onsite; Something which Spinlock as a brand is massively proud of and actively promotes by stamping all their products with Made in UK.

When walking around the factory, we were impressed with their dedication to quality assurance and the checks that each jacket goes through prior to leaving the factory. Scanning the work stations, with jackets at different stages of the assembly process; you simply cannot miss the signs pertaining to quality checking. This stringent process ensures that all Spinlock products are perfect when they leave the factory and that each one will perform in the event of an emergency.

Spinlock Lifejacket Servicing



We are proud to announce that diYachting are a fully certified Spinlock Lifejacket Servicing Centre and during our visit our staff were given in depth training on how to keep Spinlock products Serviced.

Our staff ¬†received a full training session with one of Spinlocks experts in servicing and are now capable of servicing the three most popular lifejackets from Spinlocks range; The Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor, the kid’s Cento lifejacket and lastly the Deckvest Lite & Lite+.

So if you have any Spinlock lifejackets which you think are in need of a service feel free to get in contact with us for a quote.

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