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If you are the owner of a yacht in the 60-80ft size bracket, you will know how important regular maintenance is to keep your boat running smoothly and minimise the risk of breakdown. These yachts are much more technically complicated than smaller yachts; with a huge array of advanced systems such as air conditioning, water-makers, generators, electric winches, hydraulic packages, sophisticated electrical systems and high pressure water pumps. Add in more fridges and freezers than most homes and you have a project that needs constant attention and service to prevent breakdown. We have experience working with a huge range of manufacturers of kit found on most of the yachts in this size bracket and are an authorised service agent for many yacht builders. Therefore with us, you can be sure that everything is serviced to the manufacturers standards, by one experienced team. Sign up to our standard maintenance package and we will visit the boat regularly throughout the year to take care of all the maintenance and cleaning, wherever the yacht may be. It’s the ultimate alternative to having a full time crew aboard.

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diYachting is a British company with over 15 years experience in the yachting industry. Since being founded by Matt & Lizzie Abbiss in 2001, we have evolved to become a management and charter company of luxury yachts from 60 to 80ft. After many years spent working as crew on yachts of this size, we understand that these mini super yachts require more time than most owners can spare. With experience sailing on and managing yachts from all the major shipyards, our team are perfectly placed to assist owners and offer a complete range of services, to cover all of your yacht’s needs.

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