A Southern Sardinia Special

May 30, 2022

Sardinia, Italy’s second largest island, is located in the middle of the western Mediterranean, right beneath the French island of Corsica.  The island is dotted with harbours that can accommodate vessels of various sizes, making it an ideal destination to escape to by yacht. Southern Sardinia is rugged, dramatic, full of natural beauty and home to many historical sites.

Sardinia is a must-see location for anyone who wants to see the best of Italy but prefers a more laid-back atmosphere, compared to what you’ll find on the mainland. Whether you’re seeking the glitz and glamour or the stunning natural landscapes, Sardinia is the ideal destination for you and there’s simply no better way to explore this Mediterranean gem than by luxury yacht.

Sailing in the Southern part of Sardinia offers an exciting journey along a gorgeous coastline where the landscape ranges from dazzling beaches, steep cliff faces and countless wind-protected harbours. The harshness of the cliffs, the secluded white beaches and the luscious greenery make this the perfect place for anybody looking to experience the real Sardinia.

Cagliari –

Cagliari is Sardinia’s capital city, a lively place filled with unique traditions and friendly people and is also the economic hub of Sardinia. The city boasts excellent facilities, bars and restaurants which help to create an inviting atmosphere and of course fill the air with mouthwatering scents of spices and delicious food. Cagliari is home to some of the most beautiful cobbled streets in Europe with a different chic Italian boutique, bar or restaurant around every corner. Make sure to visit Via Manno if you’re a shopping lover, where you’ll find some of the stylish Italian shops.

Make sure to visit some of Cagliari’s top sights, including the National Archeological Museum, the Roman Amphitheatre, Bastione, the Devil’s Saddle and the Molentargius National Park (you may spot wild flamingos). This dynamic city has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world right on its doorstep, such as the city’s own beach ‘Poetto’ which is 8km long and ideal for soaking up the sun or taking a stroll down the promenade.

Some recommended restaurants to try if you’re looking to eat ashore include: Ristorante Mondo & Luca, L’Osteria Gioia & Gusto, Da Marino al St. Rem (fine dining), Stella Marina di Montecristo (Michelin Star).

Best beaches in Cagliari:

SantAntioco –

Sant’Antioco is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily itself, Sardinia, and Elba Island and is located southwest of Sardinia. It is part of the Sulcis Archipelago and is well-known for its spectacular beaches, but that’s not all it has to offer!  Sant’Antioco is a tourist destination that caters to all types of visitors;  it’s home to  everything from beautiful beaches to nightclubs, as well as a superb shopping area and various museums and archaeological sites.

Sant’Antioco is made up of many little beaches and inlets, making it excellent for people looking to relax and stay in a more quiet setting. Some of the prettiest beaches include Maladroxia, Coacuaddus, Portixeddu, Le Saline, Capo Sperone and Cala Sapone. Maladroxia and Portixeddu are probably the most famous on the Island, as the water is shallow and safe for children. Coacuddus is one of the islands longest beaches with the most crystal clear turquoise waters (well every beach in Sant’Antioco has this gorgeous azure blue water colour).

Carloforte –

Carloforte has a number of traditions, but its wine and food are still growing in popularity, thanks to two festivals: the ‘Tabarkan Couscous Festival,’ which honours the Tunisian dish and the ‘Girotonno,’ summer’s main event, is where you’re able watch live cooking of their world-famous tuna.

Carloforte is a charming picture-perfect fishing village located on Isola di San Pietro (Saint Peter’s Island), about 7 kilometres from Sardinia’s southwestern coast. The village is world  famous for its tuna and has an ancient village feel to it complimented by its pastel-colored homes and cobblestone streets.

Ristorante Da Andrea, Al Tonno di Corsa (Michelin), Ristorante Da Nicolo (Michelin) are a few of the popular restaurants in Caloforte, and fantastic places to try Sardinias famous pasta, tuna, cheese and deserts. The beaches in Calaforte are another huge attraction to the area. Girin, Guidi, La Bobba and Punta Nera beach are all as beautiful as each other, with silky white sand and clear turquoise water. If you decide to visit La Bobba beach and you’re looking for a good restaurant, try Osteria della Tonnara where there are a variety of excellent dishes.

Porto Pino –

Porto Pino beach lies on the Sulcis coast and is just spectacular. The area is named as Porto Pino as there is an enormous pine forest and a breathtaking bay with a long white sand beach stretching for more than four kilometers that is divided into two. This is a spot where you may see wild flamingos in the small lagoons. Porto Pino is widely recognised as one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches and famous for the impressive white 30m sand dunes.

Chia –

Relaxing on some of the prettiest beaches in the Mediterranean is a must on any vacation to Sardinia. Chia is a little seaside village to the south of the island, with some gorgeous bays home to flamingos and other wildlife, while Costa Smeralda’s Spiaggia del Principe is a secluded pink-granite coastline with golden sand and turquoise sea. Chia is famous for its beach and white sand dunes; this is a nature-lovers beach with an ancient stone watchtower known as the ‘Torre di Chia.’ This 16th century tower, positioned between the two beaches of Su Porto and Sa Colonia, is well worth the effort for a great photo! Everything you’ll need is in the village, including restaurants, shops, etc.

Cala Cipolla, Dune di Campana and Sa Colonia, are just a few of the most stunning beaches in the area.

If you visit Cala Cipolla beach it is possible to reach the lighthouse in Capo Spartivento in just a 20-30min walk! The cliffs located here are some of the oldest rocks in Italy and worldwide as they emerged from the water around 600 millions years ago.

Ristorante Mirage is an excellent choice if you’re looking to eat ashore, serving delicious Italian and European dishes to suit everyones tastebuds.

Tuerredda beach –

If you are determined to witness Sardinia’s best beaches, then you must visit Tuerredda, located on Chia’s unspoilt coastline nestled between Cape Malfatano and Cape Spartivento. Expect to see 500m of pristine white sand the clearest of waters; many compare it to the Caribbean due to its enchanting colours and calm water. The small island, ‘Isola Tuaredda’, is directly across the water, which you can swim to and find a little haven.

Villasimius –

To the east of Cagliari lies the Villasimius coastline and mesmerising blue sea. The town can be used as a base to visit all of the area’s best beaches, including Porto Giunco, Punta Molentis, and Porto Sa Ruxi. There are many shops, gelato shops, restaurants, and bars in the village where you can enjoy a fantastic aperitivo. Local specialties such as sheep cheese and ham are served with the typical crispy bread ‘Pane Carasau.’

You’ll have another chance to witness wild pink flamingos at the pond beyond Porto Giunco. You can also trek to the Porto Giunco tower for spectacular views of the white sand beach.

Obviously Sardinia is accessible by both sea and air, but exploring these beautiful spots by yacht is without a doubt the best way to appreciate the rugged beauty of this Mediterranean island. If you’re interested or want to find out more contact Lizzie at ahoy@diyachting.co.uk