A Yachting Dream - The Grenadines

October 22, 2021

St.Vincent and the Grenadines is home to eight stunning inhabited islands, as well as the Tobago Cays Marine Park, which offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Caribbean, with immaculate white sand beaches and translucent turquoise waters. Sailing around these sensational islands, you will come across countless beautiful beaches and coral reefs lined with swaying green palms that are just waiting to be explored. Varying between both black and white sand, there are very few beaches in the world that could possibly be compared to these.

The Grenadines truly offer something special for everyone, from the large peaceful island of Bequia, known as the ‘quiet island’ of the Caribbean, to the popular celeb-ridden island of Mustique where royalty and celebrities like Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret have their own homes. If you’re craving a relaxed and secluded getaway and enjoy tasting the freshest of seafood with soft sand between your toes, these islands will never disappoint. Not to mention the hot tropical climate lasting all year, guaranteeing sunshine and offering ideal boating conditions.

Explore these islands on the elegant sailing yacht ‘Champagne Hippy’, who is spending the upcoming Caribbean season there! With 4 cabins taking up to 8 guests, she is the perfect yacht to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with family and friends. She arrives in December and is fully booked until the end of January, so make sure to book your time with her soon starting from February.

Your yacht is the perfect way to visit these heavenly islands, as it will allow you to not only visit the hidden gems of the islands that you wouldn’t be able to find on foot, but makes it possible to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience in comfort of your own ‘home’. Fancy doing an activity for the day? There are a variety of areas to go snorkelling in the picturesque Tobago Cays or go hiking to discover the most vibrant Caribbean landscapes with hidden waterfalls that will leave you in awe.

Ready to start planning your perfect Caribbean break? Have a read of the must-see areas and top recommendations that will make your trip unforgettable. You’ll be surprised with just how much there is to see on these incredible islands.

St. Vincent

Begin your trip in St. Vincent, the largest out of the Grenadine islands and known as the ‘mainland’, offering a wide range of restaurants, beaches, shops and activities. Kingstown is the capital of the island and is crammed with things to do, whether it’s sightseeing, dining, shopping or sunbathing on one of it’s pretty beaches. Compared to the white sanded beaches in the Grenadine islands, St Vincent has a collection of distinctive black sand volcanic beaches. North of Kingstown is the tranquil Buccament Bay Beach and Questelle’s Bay Beach, both very similar with calm and undisturbed water perfect for swimming. A few other admirable beaches to try here in St Vincent include Kearton’s Bay, Peter’s Hope and Richmond Beach, all black-sanded and on the Leeward side of the island. There are differences between the two coastlines in St.Vincent; the leeward side is more tranquil and ideal for swimming, while the windward side is extremely rocky with rough waters.

Fancy a sightseeing day in St.Vincent? Head over to Dark View Falls or Falls of Belaine waterfall, Fort Charlottle for some historical sites, a stroll through the Botanical Gardens filled with lush greenery or hike to La Soufriere Volcano to experience some incredible scenery. Dark View Waterfall is known for its two waterfalls, one above the other that flow all year round.

After a long day at the beach why not try Flowt Beach Bar located on the Windward highway in Blue Lagoon Marina, with a menu filled with with grilled fish and meat dishes that will no doubt make you want to return everyday to try it all. There is a large outdoor seating area for the tropical warm evenings where you can watch the dreamy sunsets. If you are looking for a more formal dining experience, head over to their sister restaurant ‘Flow Wine Bar & Kitchen’ in Kingstown to try one of their exceptional meals paired with wine that will compliment the dish perfectly. Take a look at their menu and you will simply fall in love with the sound of every dish. While only offering the freshest ingredients, whether you’re a fish, pasta, cheese, steak, salad or pizza lover, you won’t be disappointed.


Move on to the charming island of Bequia, the second largest island of the Grenadines and just nine miles south of the mainland St. Vincent. The island is known for offering some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Princess Margaret Beach, Friendship Bay, Lower Bay and Spring Bay just to name a few. Whether you fancy visiting a beach with a variety of shops and restaurants or a place where you can just watch the world go by, you’ll find it here. Bequia is the most visited island of the Grenadines as visitors are attracted to it’s incredibly slow-paced and relaxed feel, along with the natural beauty it holds. Admiralty Bay, Port Elizabeth is the main stopping point for yachts due to its unspoiled and well-protected bay.

Princess Charlotte Beach

Simply divine, Princess Margaret Beach is easily one of the most pristine spots in Bequia. Originally named Tony Gibbons Beach, it was then named after Princess Margaret after her royal highness was seen swimming in these waters on her honeymoon in 1960. Hop off your boat to take a dip in the blue waters or soak up the sun while lying on the warm sand for ultimate relaxation. The crystal clear water makes it the ideal place for snorkelling, where it is likely you will spot some of the islands tropical fish. If you’re feeling peckish, head down to Jack’s Beach Bar at the northern end of Princess Margaret Beach right on the waterfront, where you will taste the finest local ingredients and refreshing cocktails paired with fresh seafood caught only metres away.

If you are looking to dine on land, another beautiful restaurant is Sugar Reef Café located at Crescent Beach Industry Bay in a hotel, which is also set right on the coastline with the most stunning sunset views. This restaurant is renowned for serving some of the finest and healthy cuisine in Bequia, offering only locally-sourced fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Sugar Reef is an excellent choice if you a seafood lover – try the fresh lobster, open fish steak on focaccia bread or the fish roti and you won’t be disappointed. Although it is an adult only hotel, children are happily welcomed into the restaurant at all times.


Measuring just 2.2 square miles, the private island of Mustique is the ultimate indulgence if you’re craving a luxurious getaway. From the comfort of your own yacht you will be able to work your way around all the hidden gems of the island, like Macoroni Beach, Lagoon Beach and Endeavour Bay. Not to mention The Cotton House for a delicious meal and spa treatment, or drop your anchor at Basil’s Bar to witness Mustiques iconic sunsets and listen to some live music with a cocktail in hand. Some of the worlds most well known stars and royalty own homes here, where they can enjoy time away from their hectic lifestyles in a safe and tranquil environment.

Mustique is home to 9 beautiful beaches, however if you are going to visit just one I highly recommend Macaroni Beach. It’s truly one of a kind and by popular opinion is one of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. This isolated stretch of sand, located on the east side of the Island, is easy to get to by boat and has a number of picnic huts nearby on the coast if you feel like eating ashore. The sparkling white sand and azure blue water is surrounded by a wall of lush green vegetation making it possible to relax in the shade.

Due to the island being so small, it makes it incredibly easy to get from one place to the next. You’re never too far away from anything. For almost fifty years Basil’s Bar has been a favourite spot, known for its perfect position to view the striking sunsets and their tasty meals. If you’re stay in Mustique falls over a Thursday, be sure not to miss their famous ‘Taco and Tequila Thursdays’ offering mouth-watering tacos with a huge selection of tequila, followed by Latin American music and dancing starting at 6pm! Another popular tradition, every Tuesday night The Mustique Company hosts a cocktail party at The Cotton House Hotel where all guests staying on the island are invited.

There are a handful of walks on Mustique, but if you are going to do just one then I highly recommend either the relaxing Salt Pond Trail at only 45 minutes long or the Obsidian Bay to Pasture Bay walk past the ‘Bat Cave’. Another hotspot I will mention is the islands main harbour Britannia Bay, a tranquil area ideal for cruising on your yacht, with Embassy Bar or Basil’s Bar close by for a bite to eat or drink.


Halfway down the Grenadines chain lies the island of Canouan, home to around 1200 residents. Even though it has a very laid back feel, it is home to one of the regions most prestigious villa communities, two high-end resorts, an esteemed golf course and four of the most flawless beaches in the Caribbean. People often say, ‘It’s where all the billionaires come to get away from the millionaires”. Canouan’s marina is definitely a hotspot for yachts where you can anchor offshore and spend a day at one of the dazzling white-sand beaches. Grand Bay Beach is the longest beach on the island and ideal for swimming.

Take an evening stroll down the immaculate Godahl Beach where you will find the Mandarin Oriental. This resort houses a beautiful collection of restaurants offering fine dining with stunning sunset views. Tides Bar & Grill is part of this collection and is renowned for serving tasty locally sourced dishes only using the finest fresh ingredients. There is a huge variety of meals to choose from, making sure to cater to everyones individual tastes, followed by one of there mouth watering desserts like lemon meringue, freshly made ice cream and sorbet or the local favourite banana soufflé. Make sure you try one of their heavenly cocktails or fine wines to finish off the evening.

Tobago Cays

No visit to the Grenadines is complete without visiting the glorious Tobago Cays Marine Park, lying just North of Mayreau. Only accessible by boat, these five unpopulated tiny islands are renowned for some of the best snorkelling and sailing spots in the Caribbean. This is due to its horseshoe reef with water so clear that visibility at 12 metres down isn’t unheard of, filled with an array of tropical fish. The calm current creates the perfect setting to experience the underwater world at its best. You may be lucky enough to spot the oceans larger fish, including dolphins, turtles or even a whale.

The Tobago Cays is the ideal island to relax and laze on the soft sands without interruption due to their remote location and lack of development. A beach barbecue after a long day of swimming and wandering around the islands is definitely the best way to finish your time here at the Tobago Cays.


Mayreau, the smallest of the inhabited islands in the Grenadines of just 2.5 square kilometres and population of around 300 people, is only accessible by boat and an opulent hot spot for yachts. You’ll definitely want to visit the gorgeous Salt Whistle Bay with palm trees lining the entire stretch of sand; it’s the perfect spot to anchor while you swim. You must visit the bar and restaurant at Dennis’ hideaway, specialising in a range of seafood like lobster, shrimp, sautéed octopus and fried squid. The restaurant is situated in an idyllic location where you can watch the sunset over the water.

The picture below shows off the islands natural beauty and just how tiny the island is in comparison to the yachts.

Union Island

The far Southern end of the Grenadines lies the mountainous Union Island. With only a couple of villages on this rustic island, the main street in Clifton has a selection of restaurants and cafés if you fancy dining ashore. Union’s beautiful Big Sand beach on Richmond Bay at the West side of the island, is home to powdery white sands, aquamarine coloured water and huge forest-covered mountains behind creating the most blissful atmosphere.

Try Sparrow’s Beach Bar at Big Sand Beach for a relaxed beach-side venue during the day, transforming to a more formal seafood restaurant in the evening. In the day time feel free to order food and drink directly to your sun lounger, or indulge in one of their gourmet cuisines if you’re coming to dinner. The house smoked Mahi Mahi is a must-try as well as any of the freshly caught seafood dishes.

Petit St. Vincent

Petit St. Vincent (PSV) just 4 miles from Union island, is a beautiful speck of land lined entirely with sugar white sands. PSV is a high end, chic, yet easy going island ideal for an incredibly secluded and private getaway. In fact the whole island is made up of just one large luxury resort. Filled with exotic jungle, hillsides and spotless beaches, the resort is a popular attraction and been in the ‘Small Luxury Hotels Of The World’ portfolio since 2013!

Hike to the top of Marni Hill to be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views of the Grenadines and why not cool off with a relaxing swim or snorkel before returning to your yacht. Before you go make sure to stop off at ‘Goaties Bar & Restaurant’ to indulge in some of the islands favourite dishes and delicious cocktails from their extensive menu. Like many of the other Grenadine islands, this is a heavenly destination to completely disconnect from the world.

Palm Island

Palm Island is a little patch of paradise, known for its coconut palms originally planted by Palm Island’s Resort former owner. The small island is just a ten minute boat ride from Union Island and only accessible by boat. The majority of the island is reserved for guests, however if you would like to experience a glimpse of island life then head over to Casuarina Beach, the largest stretch of beach on the island which is open to day visitors. Boats from across the world are drawn to the marina located here and enjoy the Sunset Restaurant & Bar, offering delicious food and cocktails. I strongly recommend trying Chef Baca’s favourites to taste some local dishes that have been perfected over the last 20 years; Coconut Fish, Callaloo Soup, Curried Goat and the Coconut Curry Lobster. This is the ideal place to relax and watch the sunset before stepping back onto your yacht.


Carriacou, an island belonging to Grenada, is the largest and most Southern island in the Grenadines. With only very few hotels, the flawless beaches are almost always empty allowing you to unwind without any interruption. It is also known as the ‘Isle of Reefs’ due to its well preserved coral reefs, making it a snorkeler and divers dream. Voted to have the best view out of the Carriacou beaches, Paradise beach is also home to some of the top restaurants and bars on the island, including ‘Paradise Beach Club’ as well as ‘Off Da Hook’ where you can relax in a hammock while enjoying the brilliant view of Sandy Island. I also recommend visiting the canon overlooking Hillsborough Bay, undoubtedly one of the best views of Carriacou.

Carriacou has well equipped ports for docking your yacht, so it won’t be a struggle if you want to get off and explore some of the islands natural beauty. A great proportion of the island is filled with rain forest and there are plenty of excellent inland hiking trails if you fancy a walk. Stop by Bogles Round House for a tasty lunch or dinner in their unique stone building with wagon wheel windows. Their ever-changing menu is divine, offering top quality meat and fresh seafood daily. Try their delicious scallop tempura with sweet and sour sauce or the coconut-crusted Mahi Mahi with roasted garlic!

If you’re a rum lover this is definitely the island to stop off at, with over 200 rum shops scattered over the island!

If you have fallen in love with these heavenly islands and want to explore them on a luxury yacht, get in touch with Lizzie to book your once in a lifetime charter and customised itinerary.