Anguilla - A Caribbean Dream

January 6, 2022

Anguilla is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean but what it lacks in size it makes up for in stunning beaches and scenery. Turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, flawless white sand beaches lined with lush swaying palms, this island is heavenly. Spend your precious time on this island soaking up the sunshine while exploring the many hidden gems it has to offer.

Anguilla’s coastline is full of swimming, snorkelling and diving opportunities if you fancy an activity for the day on their vast selection of beaches – 33 in total; as well as fine dining restaurants, art galleries, historic buildings, and beautiful museums to explore. The island is sparsely populated and the handful of residents are laid-back and very friendly.

Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, lying just 12 miles North of St Maarten; its easy going atmosphere and breathtaking beaches make it a hotspot for yachts. It may be a small island but is full of places to dine with an impressive variety of cuisine; especially seafood due it’s location, but also Mexican, French, Italian, Moroccan and many more.

Shoal Bay, one of Anguilla’s most flawless and mesmerising beaches, is home to velvety pink tinged white sand and vibrant turquoise water. The two mile stretch of sand makes it the ideal beach to walk from one end to the other, while popping in and out of the various beach bars and restaurants dotted along the shoreline.

Other incredible beaches around the island include Little Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Meads Bay, Sandy Ground Beach, just to name a few. They all capture the essence and natural beauty of Anguilla.

There are countless amazing restaurants on the island, but the one that stands out most is Veya Restaurant, located on Reverend Carty Road in Sandy Ground; offering mouthwatering Caribbean cuisine, delicious seafood dishes and refreshing cocktails. The beautiful wooden floor and ceiling and warm lighting creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere with a tropical touch.

Another high end restaurant to visit if you like Asian food is the Sunset Lounge, located in the Four Seasons Resort in West End Village. The dishes served here are exceptional with a wide variety of fish and sushi options to choose from, there is something for everyone. Book a table at their open-air lounge to witness an incredible sunset while indulging in a tasty meal and sipping a vintage rum or freshly made cocktail.

Exploring Anguilla’s many beaches is an adventure, with each one providing a unique ambience and set of activities. However there’s also lots to do away from the white sand: learn about the island’s history, walk the rocky eastern edge, shop and bar/restaurant hop to try all Anguilla has to offer from their food to tropical hikes. A recommended walk to try is West End to Barnes Bay taking around two and a half hours, along Anguilla’s stunning Northwest coastline going past tidal pools and multiple beaches on the way – make sure to wear your walking shoes and bring swim wear as you’ll most likely fancy a dip along the way!

Another picturesque must-see place to visit is the tiny and secluded Little Bay; a beautiful cove surrounded by rugged cliffs and a hidden patch of immaculate golden sand. Little Bay is a marine preserve, therefore the perfect place to go snorkelling and experience Anguilla’s underwater world. Only accessible by water and incredibly calm, you feel like it’s just you in the world.

Art galleries are popular in Anguilla and are scattered across the island, selling paintings, wooden sculptures, and carvings. There are some independent clothing stores on the island, as well as shops selling global name brands in crystal, jewellery, and bone china. If you are seeking a more extensive shopping trip, head over to Saint Martin (the French side), where you’ll find a variety of clothing and accessory stores, while the Dutch side features duty-free shopping including jewellery, souvenirs, cameras and more.

Anguilla is truly paradisal and the idyllic island for an unforgettable charter holiday to experience Caribbean life. For more information or to book your next trip contact  Lizzie at