Antigua: Endless White Beaches

January 11, 2022

The Caribbean is the ultimate yachting hotspot, home to spectacular beaches, warm waters, year round exotic climate and exceptional cuisine. Antigua and Barbuda, its sister island, are part of the Eastern arc of the Leeward Islands, known as the Lesser Antilles. Antigua is the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands, measuring 14 miles long and 11 miles wide.

It benefits from a warm climate moderated by consistent trade winds, as do most Caribbean islands. With its stunning coastline, many protected harbours, and unique coral reef surrounding the island, it is one of the world’s most popular sailing destinations. Antigua is believed to have 365 different beaches, one for each day of the year, so there are endless things to do and see on this unique island.

If you’re a beach lover, this is the island you’ll want to visit when on you’re luxury yacht charter. The white sandy beaches dotted across the islands coastline are like no other; as well as the sparkling turquoise waters and breathtaking views. Some are slightly off the beaten track, some are a little tricky to get to, and some will be much busier than others, but whether you’re an independent traveller, day-visitor, honeymooner, or sun seeker, they will satisfy your beach-lust. Every beach is stunning, and some of the best are Jolly Beach, Darkwood Beach, Half Moon Bay, Dickenson Bay, Galley Bay, Ffryes, Rendezvous Beach, to name a few.

Antigua is a foodie destination and full of bars and restaurants to choose from offering the freshest of seafood, top-quality rum and an abundance of flavourful dishes. Despite having many similar dishes, the Caribbean islands all their cuisines have their own unique twist. Sheer Rocks restaurant located at Cocobay Resort, Ffreyas Beach in Saint Mary, is considered one of best on the island, with incredible Caribbean style food and drink paired with the most mesmerising views of the ocean. The menu is simply divine with countless dishes to try, from seared king scallops to panfried mahi-mahi with a chorizo crust. There are also a number of vegetarian and vegan options available. Other fantastic restaurants to try include Catherine’s Café on Pigeon Beach, Pillars Restaurant and Abracadabra at Dockyard Drive both in English Harbour.

Antigua is a glamorous island where luxurious yachts float in the harbour, honeymooners bask in the sun and scuba divers explore vibrant coral reefs in the the island’s crystal clear waters. It’s no surprise that Oprah Winfrey and Georgio Armani have homes here. Away from the glitz and glam, the island offers a variety of attractions, from steamy rainforests to captivating historic sites like Shirley Heights, a military lookout with fantastic views of Nelson’s Dockyard, the world’s only operating Georgian dockyard – a spot worth checking out!

If you fancy an hour-long hike before lunch, ‘The Lookout Trail’ is highly recommended with spectacular views of the island on the way. The trail leads to the iconic Shirley’s Heights Lookout which is a popular spot for appreciating the magnificent scenery Antigua has to offer; you can enjoy the stunning views of Galleon Bay as well as English Harbour and on a clear day you’ll be able to spot Guadeloupe at the very tip of the horizon.

However if you’re craving a slightly more challenging walk through the rainforest, the hike to Mount Obama (the highest point in Antigua) is brilliant, taking approximately 3 hours with a distance of roughly 4 miles. Mount Obama can be accessed from either the Northern or Southern side of the island, but the Northern trail is definitely the more scenic route; it features lush green surroundings with a stream running through the rainforest.

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