Balearic Island Bliss in Ibiza and Formentera

November 28, 2023

Ibiza is synonymous with parties, music and world class DJs but it has so much more to offer. Perfect for families, spiritual retreats and yachting holidays the island is chameleonic in nature and can fit whatever holiday you desire. 

From the sea, the perspective is stunning, crystal blue waters, rocky outcrops and secluded bays you can find your own slice of quiet on an island famous for its volume. White buildings pepper the landscape with white beaches lining the seaside  towns, you can see how the island got it’s nickname “The White Island”.

Come with us and discover Ibiza like you’ve never seen her before. This itinerary is a circumnavigation of Ibiza and her sister island Formentera over 2 weeks at a leisurely pace but could easily be adjusted for a 7 day charter. Click the itinerary link for a map view.

Day 1

Ibiza town

Ibiza town is the buzziest place on the island, behind the façade of glitz, glamour, rows of designer shops and exclusive nightclubs is a town steeped in history. Protected by UNESCO most of the island’s culture and heritage is wonderfully preserved and maintained.

Wander the streets of Ibiza and soak up the atmosphere before stepping on board your private yacht and escaping the crowds to embark on your tailor made trip. 

Santa Eulària des Riu

About 1 hour east is Santa Eulària des Riu (Santa Eulalia des Rio), the third largest town on the island. You’ll notice there are two spellings for this town; this is a dual language island, with most locals speaking the Catalan dialect as their preferred language followed by Spanish. 

Lined with a promenade alongside beautiful beaches, restaurants and boutique shops this is a great stop for families. 

There are plenty of restaurants here offering a wide variety of cuisine whether you are in search for high-end French or fusion cuisine or the more authentic Catalan dishes native to Ibiza there will be something for you. Marina Santa Eulalia offers fantastic high-end catering overlooking the sea. 

Beach clubs are plentiful along this coast, is there anything more idyllic than dropping anchor and being tender driven to an exclusive beach restaurant where you can admire your yacht from the shore?!

UM beach house offers a perfect blend of beach club, restaurant and good vibes. Hire sun loungers by day and by night stop in the restaurant for a delicious Catalonian meal.

Alternatively find a secluded anchorage and be wined and dined by your crew on board; it is such a lovely way to kickstart your holiday, away from the crowds and enjoying quality time with your dearest family and friends. 

Day 2

Cala Xarraca

Today continue east and around the northeastern edge of the island, stop at an anchorage for watersports along the way. 

Cala Xarraca is a picturesque beach and a favourite among the locals with a beautiful restaurant a short hop up the coast at Port de Balansat. You are spoilt for choice of authentic Spanish Paella but it is certainly a must have at some point during your charter. 

Enjoy the peace and calm as you bay hop along the coast. 

Day 3

Ses Margalides

Continuing with a trend of serenity and quiet be at one with nature in Ses Margalides, 1 hour west from Cala Xarraca. These islands are an ideal spot to drop anchor and admire the stunning rock formations at lunch before donning your snorkels to explore and see what sealife you can discover.

Stop overnight and soak up the sunset with a cocktail in hand and a wonderful meal prepared on board. 

Day 4

Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni is the second largest town on the island and is buzzing with nightlife and sandy beaches. It also claims to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. When he expressed his desire to cross the ocean and discover the Indies, it was difficult getting people to financially back him through fundraising. He faced endless naysayers claiming it would be impossible to which he retorted “is it possible to stand an egg upright?” They unanimously agreed no; he proceeded to slightly crack the egg’s base and defied all their preconceptions by succeeding in standing the egg upright. He is now immortalised in the form of a statue in the shape of a giant egg. 

El Rincón de Pepe is a tapas bar that prides itself on the high quality tapas it serves, a reputation it has preserved since its inception in 1962. 

For nightlife, Sant Antoni is home to Eden and Es Paradis. 

Day 5

Cala Bassa

If you’re looking for a perfect place for a photoshoot, Cala Bassa beach club is the place for those enviable instagram shots, gorgeous big four posted sun beds, cocktails and in one of the most beautiful coves on the island. 

Continue along the coast to Cala Compte, arrive in the early evening as the crowds are beginning to disperse and enjoy the seclusion on board. The sunset here is heavenly and worth stopping overnight for.

Day 6

Es Vedra

Es Vedra is an uninhabited island off the southwestern tip of Ibiza, standing 400m high, steeped in the mythical lore of Odysseus, sea nymphs and sirens it will certainly get your imagination going. 

Prohibited to visitors ashore, the only way to enjoy this island is from the sea. 

Day 7

Es Cubells

En route to Es Cubells stop in Cala Llentrisca, challenging to get to on foot this is the perfect beach to access via boat, lined with old fishermen’s huts, it feels like the land that time forgot. 

Es Cubells is a quiet village in the Southwest of Ibiza exuding charm and authenticity. With only a couple of restaurants to choose from it comes as no surprise that the focus is Catalonian cuisine using locally sourced ingredients and fresh fish. For the ultimate experience visit Restaurant Ses Boques which offers beautifully prepared fresh seafood in an idyllic beachside setting. Salt baked seabass or dorado is order of the day. If you’re going to have one paella this trip though hold out for your next stop.

Day 8 

Es Torrent

Another beautiful bay, dotted with rocky outcrops, it is a popular anchorage but a lovely place to stop and enjoy the watertoys and sunbathing with a book in hand. 

The Es Torrent restaurant ashore is rustic but the paella is something else. I have hunted high and low to find this restaurant again where I had the best paella, the smoky rice with a hint of squid ink is truly delicious. And if you don’t feel like getting mucky hands they offer a “blind” paella with no bones or shells to deal with. Certainly a great option for kids!

Day 9

Platja des Jondal

Home to the exclusive Blue Marlin Beach Club restaurant this is the place to be seen. Sushi, music and good vibes prevail and you will be treated to top quality service to match. 

Day 10


It wouldn’t be a trip to Ibiza without exploring the stunning Formentera. A smaller island to the South of Ibiza it has become one of the most exclusive places to visit. Attracting A-list celebrities and hundreds of yacht owners but when you get there you’ll understand why.

Stop at the marina in La Savina for Day 10, the Michelin starred Ca Na Joana is only a 5 minute taxi ride away, a Mediterranean menu with a Peruvian, Japanese twist; it’s sure to tantalise the tastebuds and give you a warm welcome to this beautiful island.

Day 11

Cala Saona (Formentera)

The only beach on the west of Formentera its cerulean waters and white sandy shores are spellbinding. Feel enchanted by this slice of paradise on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza but still attracting a reasonable crowd. It has a quiet buzz that you can’t help but want to be a part of. 

Day 12

Today travel up to the most famous beaches in Formentera, walk along the thin spit with the sea on either side. This is such a magical experience and there’s plenty to see. Dinghy safaris may be the order of the day if you want to cover more distance and be hopping in and out of the water at your leisure.

Day 13

Es Calo (Formentera)

If you fancy drying off and getting your feet on solid ground for a few hours head ashore at Es Calo and take a hike along the Cami de Sa Pujada. Take in the Roman ruins and bask in the culture and history of the island. Find some solitude and quiet before heading back to the lively Ibiza town for your final night.

Day 14

Ibiza town

Round off your trip in Ibiza town. Step back into this animated town thriving with hubbub and fun. Nightlife is plentiful and there is no shortage of entertainment here. Spend your final night on board or head out and take in the atmosphere. 

Step into the utmost luxury with 1742, a restaurant run by Edwin Winke.  1742 pairs the highest quality service with the best view of Ibiza and a gastronomic tasting menu that makes the most of the locally sourced ingredients.

Click here for a map view of the itinerary.