Boating in the BVIs

March 11, 2022

A yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands is unlike any other! Find your own slice of paradise on one of the unique 60+ islands, where the dazzling beaches, tropical heat, delicious cuisine and lively beach bars will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. The BVIs have something for everyone, from desolate islands to exquisite restaurants and sunken ships to natural jacuzzis at ‘The Baths’. These islands are world-renowned for their excellent sailing and yachting conditions. Make this the year you set sail to the British Virgin Islands, experiencing the dozens of unspoilt islands and cays, stunning white sand beaches, incredible marine life, and distinct, laid-back island culture.

Let your trip begin by heading across to the beautiful Norman Island, home to some of the most scenic harbours like The Bight, incredible snorkelling opportunities around the hidden caves and brilliant hiking trails. Spend your day exploring the islands stunning beaches, perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the warm turquoise waters. Any stop here simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Willy T’s Floating Restaurant, ideal for a laid back lunch or dinner with a mesmerising panoramic view. Pirates Bight Beach Bar and Restaurant is another great spot for some Caribbean cuisine or refreshing cocktail.

This uninhabited patch of paradise shows off the Caribbean’s natural beauty and its heavenly surroundings only accessible by boat. After a day of activities, head over to The Bight to sit back and witness one of the BVIs incomparable sunsets over the nearby islands of Tortola and Peter.

The Baths

The unrivaled star of the Virgin Gorda – The Baths is a fairytale destination for any crowd. Rated as one of the best spots to visit in the BVIs, you will fall in love with the stunning white sand beaches scattered with large granite boulders, hidden coves, cathedral-like caves, and shimmering saltwater pools, all perched on the edge of the sea. The boulders have been adorned with ladders and ropes so you can climb these natural obstacle courses… if you’re up to it!

Wallow in the warm rock water pools, soak up the sun on your favourite boulder, and be enchanted by the natural grottos. For a delicious lunch with gorgeous views overlooking Spring Bay and The Baths, head to ‘Top of The Baths Restaurant & Bar’ offering excellent Caribbean and American dishes.

Nearby in the heart of Spanish Town is the beautiful CocoMaya Restaurant, and this is one of those places that’ll make you want to come back to the BVIs. The Caribbean and Asian style menu is simply divine, as well as the upbeat atmosphere and amazing staff. Just minutes away is Spring Bay, Little Trunk Bay and Vally Trunk Bay – all idyllic white sand locations to explore.

Virgin Gorda Sound

A yachting paradise, the Virgin Gorda Sound is a bright body of water sitting at the northeast of the island and is surrounded by islands that share the same reef complex – creating a calm and protected oasis perfect for swimming and water sports.

First class anchorages can be found throughout the Virgin Gorda Sound, making it easy to stop, jump off and explore this beautiful place. Your day can be filled with yacht club lunches, snorkelling trips, beach snoozes, kayak adventures and fresh seafood meals. Hog heaven is adored by many and is the perfect pit stop during a day of island and beach hopping. Located at the top of the North Sound, with picture perfect views and mouthwatering BBQ ribs, this laid back restaurant earns its name.

Cooper Island

Cooper island is a beautiful place to stop off  before sailing through the blue pearly waters to The Baths. Cooper Island Beach Club is located at the small, intimate and chic resort in a picture-perfect setting, nestled against the pristine sands of Manchioneel Bay on the north-west coast. To experience the natural and unspoilt beauty of the Caribbean, this is the place to be for complete serenity and to escape from the noise and busyness of everyday life.

Unwind on the flawless white beach at the Beach Club where you’ll find a freshly renovated rum bar, featuring nearly 300 kinds of rum, a coffee shop, a microbrewery and boutique. This eco resort is barefoot bliss, but even beyond the retreat walls, the island is a sailors dream. Swim or kayak in the calm waters, soak up the flaming sunsets, and snorkel your way through the islands shimmering coral gardens.


Anegada, a coral island and the northernmost of the BVI group. Not to be missed for its beautiful white sand beaches, quaint beach shacks, and the large horseshoe shaped reef that protects its immaculate shores. The island is known for its large salt ponds and flamingos that have recently been re-introduced to the island and the population is flourishing.

A visit to Anegada isn’t complete without a trip to Cow Wreck Beach and its popular bar and restaurant – one of the most pristine beaches in the BVIs. The beach bar offers delicious local cuisine, from fish tacos to superb lobster dishes. Another must visit beach is Loblolly Bay, home to the clearest waters ideal for snorkelling. For a ‘toes in the sand’ dining experience, book a table at Anegada Beach Club Restaurant at Keel Point for fresh lobster, conch and seafood with a Caribbean flair.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is a small (4 miles long) picturesque island northwest of Tortola, home to only a few hundred permanent residents and known for its idyllic yacht anchorages. It is the ideal spot for those who want to escape.

At Great Harbour and White Bay, you’ll find some of the most lively bars, restaurants, and nightlife on the islands, where you can sip tropical cocktails and swim by day and listen to live music in an upbeat setting by night. The scenic trek into the rain-forested hills above Great Harbour is perfect for nature lovers. No BVI charter would be complete without making a stop at the world famous Foxy’s Bar and Restaurant, also known for their late night parties and live music! Soggy Dollar Bar is another excellent choice for one of their popular ‘Painkiller’ cocktails; a smooth sensational blend of dark rum, fresh pineapple, orange, and cream of coconut.

White Bay

This southern Jost Van Dyke special is a bright and buzzing little place that boasts breathtaking views, iconic beach bars, and some of the softest sands. This is where a curve of bone white sand meets warm teal seas and a canopy of green coats the hills behind. Drop anchor, swim to shore, and order the famous ‘Painkiller’ cocktail to kickstart your day on White Bay.

The beach here is popular with yachters and there’s always a lively atmosphere where you can socialise, dine, sip on fruity rum treats, and partake in the party vibe. If you’re in need of a break from the wild action, take a stroll down the long stretch of white sand or unwind in one of the beach hammocks. Make sure to head to some of the loved beach bars and restaurants nearby, such as the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar, Hendo’s Hideout, Gertrude’s Beach Bar and Coco Locos for some amazing food and cocktail menus with fantastic views.

Peter Island

Peter Island is the largest private island in the BVIs and a hotspot for Caribbean luxury charters. As it is largely undeveloped, you’re able to enjoy nature trails and walks to discover the islands idyllic beaches, including Deadman’s Bay, White Bay beach and Honeymoon beach. To experience the Caribbean’s natural beauty, visit the palm-fringed Deadman’s Bay (islands largest beach), protected by a reef making it perfect for swimming and other water based activities. For lunch, the popular Deadman’s Beach Bar and Grill is the place to be – try their fresh fish, lobster and perfectly chargrilled meats for an indulgent meal.

Facing Norman Island is the inviting White Bay Beach, where you can reserve your very own tiki hut and arrange for a picnic to be delivered right to you! For a day of sunbathing, sea turtle watching and laid back dining, put this on the list for your day exploring the island. Honeymoon beach is slightly smaller and a more secluded option, but is no less spectacular.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the third largest island of the BVIs, 12 miles from Tortola on the western side of Anguilla. This is the quintessential Caribbean destination, with natural beauty, national parks, unspoiled beaches, safe anchorages & quiet coves for you to explore – the choices are truly endless on this vast island. Visit the pretty ‘Little Dix Bay’, on a half mile stretch of powder soft sand with a back drop of green hillside, overlooking a vibrant barrier reef and turquoise water. Sugarcane Restaurant, closer to Virgin Gorda Sound, is an excellent location for a bite to eat or drink if you’re passing through.

Scrub Island

Scrub Island is a private resort island offering both nature and indulgence in equal measure, known for its spas and lavish facilities, make sure to book a treatment in advance if you feel like being pampered. Spend the morning hiking the island’s trails and relaxing on the beautiful Donovan’s or North beach, before having lunch on board or at the resort’s restaurant. Unlike Donovan’s which is home to various water based activities, North beach is a hidden gem tucked away on the other side of the island. Enjoy this stunning stretch of pure paradise, as well as its own swimming pool and uninterrupted views of the sparkling azure blue waters.

You could also use this opportunity of visiting Scrub to explore some of the smaller islands nearby, such as Beef island and Great Camanoe; both as gorgeous as each other with plenty of sites to see and things to do. Another option is to snorkel in the protected caves and reefs throughout the afternoon and finishing the day with dinner on board.

Guana Island

Guana Island may be small but is often called the jewel of the BVIs.This ecological reserve is brimming with exotic wildlife, striking blue sea, and breathtaking beaches. The landscape that coats Guana is as lush as can be – all tropical green foliage and flamingos roaming. There are incredible hiking opportunities for those wanting to work up an appetite before lunch, and numerous palm thronged beaches to choose from.

Free from any kind of commercialism, Guana Island is as close to untouched as you can get. ‘White Bay Beach’ is the main beach on the island and quite easily one of the most stunning yet secluded beaches you will visit . Beef Island is a nearby island where you can visit quirky shops, boutiques, and art galleries and sip a cocktail at the Loose Mongoose beach bar and restaurant at Trellis Bay. Long Bay on Beef Island, is an idyllic, long stretch of white beach with crystal clear waters, perfect for a wind down while soaking up the sun.  If you are inspired by this blog and want to experience these breathtaking islands firsthand, contact Lizzie now at to start planning your personalised charter!