Breathtaking Barbuda

January 26, 2022

The tiny island of Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island and just 61.5km away, is home to one village, an impressive collection of pink and white sand beaches and friendly people. Barbuda has the advantage of being relatively unexplored by tourists, keeping its long rosy beaches flawless and making it the ideal location for those who prefer a peaceful and more real beach experience away from all the hustle. The island is surrounded by an abundance of protective reefs, featuring a large lagoon and a stunning bird sanctuary.

Antigua and Barbuda, as well as many smaller islets and reefs, make up one beautiful country and has one of the richest marine environments in the Lesser Antilles. There are plenty of excellent snorkelling locations on both islands, ranging from shipwrecks to vibrant coral reefs and sandbanks where stingrays flourish. Both beginners and advanced snorkelers can easily discover and enjoy the tropical underwater life in the shallow waters.

Step onto the velvety sand at Pink Beach, one of Barbuda’s most famous and truly breathtaking attractions. The beach stretches from Spanish Point to Palmetto Point with almost eight miles of uninhabited oceanfront with fantastic swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing opportunities. It’s not uncommon to walk down this beach without spotting another soul. You may be thinking how can sand be pink? Well, the gorgeous rose tint is actually a result of crushed pink coloured coral and sea shells!

Other picture perfect beaches on the island include 17-mile Beach, Low Bay, the secluded Princess Diana Beach, the luxurious Palmetto Point Beach, the clear waters of Gravenor Bay perfect for snorkelling, the relaxing Spanish Point Beach and many more. 17-Mile Beach separates Barbuda Lagoon from the Caribbean ocean and is home to ‘miles’ of mesmerising pink-hued sand with sparkling azure blue water. It is one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches where you’ll enjoy the silky sand beneath your feet and incredible moonbeams flowing across the water in the evening. Don’t miss out on your chance to explore this unique stretch of sand and expect to have the beach to yourself due to its ideal uninterrupted seclusion.

To Eat

The top restaurants in Barbuda are known for making use of the island’s natural resources, resulting in dishes that are unrivalled in freshness. Barbuda’s cooking technique is to throw a number of ingredients into one-pot dishes, creating unique flavour combinations and exquisite results. Barbuda’s restaurants being just metres away from the water, results in a wide variety of fresh ingredients to choose from.  Expect seafood like lobster, shrimp, conch and fish, combined with vegetables, herbs and plump fruit all harvested on the island.

Some recommended bars and restaurants to visit include Uncle Roddy’s beach bar & grill in Codrington, The Mangrove Restaurant located on Princess Diana Beach and The Hillside View at Two Foot Bay National Park. Uncle Roddy’s is a laid-back, cottage-style restaurant on an immaculate stretch of white sand sprinkled with palms, serving fresh daily catches with spectacular views. Try the island’s delicious lobster, flavoured and grilled with garlic and paired with a fresh green salad; washing it down with Uncle Roddy’s homemade rum punch for a fulfilling beachside meal.

The Mangrove is elegant and one of the more high end restaurants in Barbuda, located in Codrington Lagoon Park on a beautiful secluded beach and surrounded by mangroves. Enjoy a fusion of exceptional French cuisine with succulent freshly caught seafood and locally sourced ingredients. The romantic, welcoming atmosphere and the location’s remoteness makes it the perfect place to watch Barbuda’s mesmerizing sunsets with a cocktail in hand.

Enjoy your meal in the lavish yet cosy clubhouse, or be waited on by the friendly staff on the beach… the choice is yours. There is a fantastic collection of wines to choose from and the skilled staff will advise pairings. Be sure to try the breaded conch with buttered leaks or the mouthwatering risotto with scallops but dont’s forget to leave room for one of their incredible desserts. Relax and take in your surroundings while breathing in the delicious aromas from the food, sipping your wine and enjoying the views.

Although small in size, there are plenty of things to do and explore in Barbuda, especially if you’re interested in beautiful natural attractions. You won’t have to look far on this island to find something remarkable, whether it’s beaches, caverns, reefs or lookout spots. A site to visit is definitely the Frigate Bird Sanctuary in the Codrington Lagoon National Park, home to over 5,000 striking and somewhat unusual birds. The mangrove forests here are home to around 100,000 birds from 170 different species, but the frigate birds are by far the most popular. Simply look for their distinct red throat that inflates like a balloon to impress the females. Barbuda is in fact home to the largest colony of Frigate birds in the Western Hemisphere… impressive right!

Other experiences on the island include visiting the incredible Underground Caves of Barbuda, snorkel in the colourful Palaster Reef, the rocky Two Foot Bay, Highland House Historical ruins and of course Codrington, Barbuda’s main hub. Codrington is the only town in Barbuda and quite simply the beating heart of the island; with only a few streets it offers a taste of Caribbean life as it used to be.

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