Dining in the South of France

July 29, 2022

Cuisine in the South of France is like no other and you will never be disappointed. As well as the glorious beaches, beautiful French alps and an intriguing culture, the South of France is also known for its simply delectable Provençal cuisine. The food of Provence is bursting with flavour, from their hearty stews to sweet treats, they are just waiting to be tried.

Some of the signature gastronomic delicacies in the South of France include Bouillabaisse, Ratatouille, Socca, Calisson, Salade niçoise, Aligot and Soupe à l’oignon (onion soup); all have been tweaked to absolute perfection. Among the shimmering lavender fields and the lush Provençal hills, you’ll find that no matter what village you end up in, ratatouille will be somewhere on the menu. Ratatouille is a flavourful vegetable stew combining roasted tomatoes, sautéed aubergines, courgettes, peppers, as well as garlic, fennel and herbs. The dish originated from the city of Nice and can be enjoyed as a side dish with meat, or folded into freshly made crêpes.

Ceto at the Maybourne Riviera


Ceto at the Maybourne Riviera opened its doors in the summer of 2021 and is already the hottest new address for fine dining lovers. With the talented Mauro Colagreco at the heart, who is best know for his exquisite work at the three-Michelin star restaurant ‘Mirazur’ in Menton, Ceto was always going to be a hit. Not long after opening, Ceto was awarded a Michelin star for the outstanding culinary experience and atmosphere.

The restaurant was named after the primordial sea goddess, inspired by Greek Mythology, which is quite appropriate given the restaurants incredible position on a clifftop as well as its phenomenal ocean view. However, Ceto’s menu is the real star of the show, due to the clean, colourful and precise dishes that are bursting with flavour. Make sure to try the beautiful Oscietra caviar, blue lobster, langoustine tartare and the heavenly cheeseboard.

Perfectly situated close to Monaco, enjoy magnificent views of the azure waters. Explore the surrounding French Riviera, a gorgeous landscape and discover the coastline dotted with charming villages situated on cliff edges with winding paths leading you through pine forests and maquis.

Pavyllon at the Hotel Hermitage


Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, a restaurant by Yannick Alléno has a strikingly local culinary style: it is subtle and sophisticated, just like Monaco itself. It is everything a fan of culture, creativity, and the finer things in life would hope for from its beautiful home, the Hôtel Hermitage, a jewel in Monaco’s crown.

Yannick’s menu offers a range of delectable dishes produced with the finest and freshest local ingredients, infused with his talent and inspired by his environment. Fresh, in-season ingredients, plant-based produce, food and wine pairings, exceptional service, unique culinary techniques and more are all featured at the Pavyllon. The use of these modern techniques like cold extraction and fermentation, helps to brings a lightness to dishes, and birch sap creates the natural sweetness in the desserts. On your next trip to the South of France make sure to indulge in these vibrant, delicious dishes prepared by the talented chef and his staff using only quality local produce.

Fine dining without the formality!

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is a bustling and lively location like a home away from home! In the chef’s own words – “fine dining without the formality”, and “serious food that doesn’t take itself too seriously”; the restaurant is focused on their guests wellbeing and wishes. The offer is as straightforward as it is sublime: a moment of tranquillity on one of the French Riviera’s most stunning terraces, with mesmerising views of the harbour and old town.

Yannick Alleno has successfully pioneered more than a dozen renowned restaurants across the globe, including two three-Michelin-starred restaurants; he is one of the most influential French chefs in the world. Pavyllon has also earned a Michelin Star due its truly exquisite dishes made to perfection, such as the millefeuille Wagyu beef, caviar dressed hen’s eggs and mouthwatering whipped ice cream.



In 2014, five of Athens’ most famous chefs created Cookoovaya, a rustic yet luxurious food concept in the heart o the city. The restaurant has gained huge popularity for those in search of adventurous and authentic dishes that are simply divine. The menu has a wide variety of unique combinations, such as local prawn, fermented tomato with nettle pesto or the roasted scallops with smoked aubergine purée.

Cookoovaya is actually the first Greek restaurant in Saint-Tropez, while still emphasising its fishing village surroundings and offering a range of fresh seafood.

Cookoovaya’s intention is to serve food rich in taste but also to create an emotional connection with the meal. The restaurant enjoys pushing the boundaries of fine dining by giving it a playful note with shareable dishes. They always apply the “buy less buy better” rule and do their best to make use out of all ingredients. Seasonal produce is essential.

Arcadia at Hotel Byblos


The ultra high-end ‘Arcadia’ is a restaurant like no other, having hosted royalty, movie stars and rock idols. It has a reputation for being effortlessly chic, rather than flashy. Arcadia’s menu is packed pull of fresh local seafood, vegetables from Byblo’s own garden and their very own rosé – Domaine Ott, Cuvée Byblos. Try the sea bass ceviche in chlorophyll sauce, catch of the day with artichoke and a delicious bouillabaisse sauce or the wood-fired beef tenderloin in a golden brioche crust with truffle.

Arcadia is said to have a prestigious yet laid-back vibe that focusses on designing a distinctive menu to show off the finest local ingredients in Saint-Tropez, where classic dishes are combined with vibrant creations, such as the signature dish, “petits farcis”.

Hélene Darroze a Villa La Coste

Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

Hélene Darroze is apart of the handful of names that come to mind when you think of an exceptional chef. Having already received three Michelin stars for her restaurant Hélene Darroze at The Connaught in London and two stars for Marsan Par Hélene Darroze in Paris, she has now opened her latest restaurant at Villa La Coste nestled in the vineyards of Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade.

The restaurants incredible menu and dishes are all inspired by the region’s local fruits and vegetables, depending what’s in season. In fact, each dish is centred around one vegetable that has been picked from one of the nearby gardens and then named after that vegetable – carrot, aubergine, cherry.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to try out some of these incredible restaurants for yourself, contact Lizzie at ahoy@diyachting.co.uk now to find out more about chartering a luxury yacht in the South of France,  the mouthwatering cuisine is just the beginning…