Luxury Electric Catamaran for Charter in the Seychelles- Sunreef 60 Eco

May 10, 2021

Explore remote coves and sandy white beaches, swim alongside the local turtles and manta rays, hike through the mountainous jungles and discover a tranquil way of life with a trip around the Seychelles on your luxury E-Yacht with a crew that know the region like the back of their hand. This year in the Seychelles, you have the option to cruise this natural haven in style aboard the new E-Catamaran from Sunreef’s Eco range. This environmentally conscious yacht allows you to embark on a trip of discovery from the comfort of your luxury yacht in complete and utter silence. Without relying on unsustainable energy sources to share in the values of the area in which you are cruising that takes ecological sustainability and the protection of natural biodiversity so seriously. The reality of this range of Eco yachts is stillness, clean, unpolluted waters and lungfuls of fresh air without any compromise to the glamour and opulence that comes with a Sunreef yacht.

The Eco range offers something never seen before; luxury without the guilt. The Eco-Cat allows you to indulge in a natural and innovative sailing experience without leaving a trace and without the constant hum of large generators disturbing the tranquil silence of the natural oceanic world around you. Instead, the E-Cat is powered by an eco-electric propulsion system that generates power whilst you sail, while the battery bank and solar panels harvest clean energy throughout the day. Combine this revolutionary marine technology and recycled, sustainable materials with the classic refined elegance, class and comfort as well as high-quality performance and style expected from any Sunreef yacht and you have the ultimate vessel. 

This Sunreef 60 Eco, E-Supercat, sleeps up to 8 guests in 4 large cabins and all equipped with ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. The yacht is also packed full of water toys that allow you to explore more of the Seychelles than you ever could from a holiday ashore to include an inflatable slide, inflatable paddle boards, sea bobs, windsurfing kit, a wake board and scuba diving sets, to name but a few.

The purpose of this itinerary is to inspire and not confine you as the charter is bespoke to you and your dreams. The itinerary will highlight some of the best places to visit and most exciting activities to do in order to get the most out of a trip in the Indian Ocean.


This island is ideal for discovery and great for getting an understanding of the way of life in the Seychelles. The island remains untouched by commercialisation and has been able to retain most of its original beauty and charm with handwritten signs and small local businesses dominating the island as opposed to the large chain companies and restaurants most of us are used to. Instead enjoy a delicious, 5-star meal with a magical view from the yacht and make the most of the menu that has been designed around you and your culinary favourites, cooked by an amazing chef.

When exploring Mahé, make sure to visit the National Botanical Gardens or Takamaka Rum Distillery for a tour and tasting, both of which are popular activities for visitors to the Seychelles. Morne Seychellois National Park consumes a fifth of the island and makes for a great place to stroll around to spot the native vanilla orchids, and rare wildlife. Mission Lodge Lookout offers some extraordinary panoramic views over the treetops and water so try and get to this legendary spot if you can.

Not far from the Rum Distillery is Anse Royale Bay. If you head to the north of the bay, you will find one of the most idyllic beaches on the island with its golden sand, striking palm trees and azure waters.

Victoria is the country’s capital and a lovely place to visit for a bit of island hustle and bustle. Having said this, the pace here, much like the rest of the Seychelles, is slow and relaxed allowing you to take in the breathtaking scenery while getting an authentic taste of life in the region. Try and take a stroll around Victoria if you can, particularly for the local markets that take place. The Victoria Clocktower is also a well-known feature of the island and actually looks like a miniature Big Ben.

St Anne Island

Drop anchor at the St Anne Marine Park just off the coast of Mahé for some snorkelling and a spot of lunch or sundowners. The Marine Park is great for snorkelling and you are likely to come across a Hawksbill turtle or Bottlenose dolphin while you swim around in this area. This Marine Park is particularly important to the cultural heritage of the Seychelles and is a well respected area because of this. St Anne Island is small in size and home to 6 beaches that can all be reached in a  day on foot.

Mahé Beau Vallon

Not far from Mahé is Mahé Beau Vallon. This is an ideal spot for swimming or getting the yacht toys out for a play around in this stunning arc-shaped bay. It is a very safe swimming area as there are no strong currents, rocks or coral under water, and with crystal clear and extremely calm water, it is particularly good for snorkelling. Beau Vallon is the most swimmable beach all year round on the whole island of Mahé. If you are looking for a more relaxing day, the beach is stunning with its bright white soft sand and palm trees that offer some refreshing shade- it is the best kind of sunbathing spot. This beach is a must see!

From the beach, you might want to stay ashore for dinner at the Boathouse restaurant for one of the twenty local dishes on offer or a fruity cocktail at sunset. It is advised that you moor overnight here in order to get the most out of this beautiful area.


Once a coconut plantation, Cousin is a natural paradise and home to some of the rarest birds in the Seychelles after becoming a nature reserve in 1968. Conservation has since continued on the island. There are also a lot of geckos and giant tortoises on the island so if you are looking to mix with the local wildlife and spot rare breeds, this is the island to be on in the Seychelles. Thanks to the conservation work on the island, Cousin has become one of the most important nesting sites for an endangered species of turtle; you might even be lucky enough to witness this if you are at the beach at the right time. The best activity to do on this island is to stroll around and take in the magic of where you are, particularly if you are an animal or nature lover. Cousin offers something different to anywhere you’ve been before.

There are no restaurant facilities on Cousin so you will have to enjoy the delicious food prepared by the chef onboard the E-Cat while you admire the island’s lush green landscape from the water.

Praslin, Anse Lazio

You must visit this gorgeous beach on Praslin, ranked one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Here you will find large rock boulders, secret coves, powdery white sand and coconut palm trees everywhere you go, and if you want to escape other visitors for some privacy and quiet then don’t worry because the beach is huge with plenty of sand and water to offer. The water at Anse Lazio is unbelievably clear with a turquoise hue making it rather enticing for a refreshing dip or snorkel. This is one of the best places to use some of the yacht’s many toys, particularly paddle boards or sea bobs to discover the coves at the south end of the beach.

The Bon Bon Plume is a lovely seafood restaurant on the water-front if you fancy dining ashore near this magnificent beach. You must try the sautéed crab or the grilled prawns if you do choose to visit this restaurant.


Just off the north-west coast of Praslin is Curieuse. The island is well known for its  bright red and green shades thanks to the bare red earth that makes up the mountainous landscape that is dotted with the iconic Coco de Mer trees. This small island is another natural utopia and a conservationist’s dream where you will find exotic wildlife, tropical coral reefs, lush green forests, summit treks, and a lot of giant tortoises. You will be able to meet and pet the Aldabra tortoises and rangers often let visitors feed them the branches and leaves they put out every day.

Take a walk up the mangrove trail to the Coco de Mer trees through the thick forest, but be prepared to get stuck into adventure because there is no clear path up to the top. You will come across ‘Lizard Rock’ on your way up, earning its name because it looks like a large lizard. The summit of Mount Caiman is Curieuse’s highest point and offers magnificent panoramic views across the glistening Indian Ocean and neon treetops. Reward yourself and cool off with a refreshing dip in the azure water when you reach the bottom of the hike.

Rounding the corner  you will find Baie Laraie, the ideal place for a spot of swimming or snorkelling, and the beach is a lovely place to pitch up for a picnic on the golden sand under a big palm leaf.

Anse Volbert

You may also want to sail to Anse Volbert, also known as Côte d’Or, Praslin’s main beach. It is truly beautiful and enchantingly white with sugary sand that contrasts with the mesmerising crystal blue water. This is another beach that is ideal for swimming, snorkelling and water sports. The water here is usually very calm and shallow thanks to the surrounding hills that protect it from the wind. If you are a keen snorkeler, you might want to swim out to the small island of Chauve Souris or head round to St Pierre islet where the snorkelling is even better. You will also find a strip of shops and restaurants close to the main beach if you are looking for something that resembles a small town on the island. The beach is, however, long enough to find serenity and privacy if you want to sip on a fresh coconut in peace.

La Digue

Not far from Praslin lies La Digue, the fourth largest island in the Seychelles. La Digue is yet another natural paradise and home to diverse biodiversity and wildlife, and its forests are host to vanilla vines, orchids and Takamaka trees. The island commands a slow paced way of life allowing its visitors to leave any stress behind and absorb the stunning surroundings. You will want to wander along the long blonde beaches, palm tree lined paths and dip in the sky-blue water. The best and most popular way to get around this small island is by bicycle and it is very uncommon to see any motor vehicles on the island, which only goes to add to the island’s peaceful allure. Most of the bicycles that you can hire come with baskets so you will be able to load up your snorkels and masks for a trip to the beach after exploring. We would say one of the best beaches on this island is Anse Source D’Argent. The beach hosts powdery white sand, massive granite boulders and towering palm trees that offer just the right amount of shade. It is also known to be one of the most photographed beaches in the region because of its natural beauty.

On the west coast of the island there are two villages, La Passe and La Réunion. Here you will find a handful of seafood restaurants, a tiny supermarket and a post office. One of the two villages would be your best bet if you are looking for a waterfront restaurant as there is choice is limited across the rest of the island. While you explore the island, it is also worth a visit to the old colonial house at L’Union where you may meet some more giant tortoises. If you are a keen horse rider, you will also be able to gallop into the sunset at the L’Union Estate. You have the option of riding in the fenced area of the estate or along the sand at Anse Source d’Argent.

On the southeast side of the island is Grand Anse and Petite Anse, two coves that can be reached via a hilly, signposted trail from La Réunion.

Creole village, that sits near the main harbour of La Digue, is laced with traditional and colourful architecture  and is a great spot if you are looking to dine ashore for an evening. Fish Trap is a lovely local restaurant that serves fresh seafood on the beach – the jack fish is amazing!

Coco Island

Coco Island is a Marine Park making it one of the best spots in the region for snorkelling and swimming. The Marine Park is set around 3 islets in shallow water and is bordered by large coral reefs that provide a natural aquarium and home for much of the marine life; swim with turtles, rays and hundreds of fish.

The Sister Islands

Grande Sœur and Petite Sœur make up what is more commonly known as ‘The Sister Islands’, only 6 km northeast of La Digue. Grande Sœur is largely untouched by tourism and commercial development. The south beach on this small island is home to large pink granite rocks and is protected by a coral reef full of marine life. Life on the island is rustic and traditional as a result of the lack of development and remains part of the island’s charm. If you are looking to stretch your sea legs, this is the perfect island for a hike through thick green vegetation and around coconut plantations. The island is privately owned, however, and a visit here will cost a small fee but it is very much worth it!

Petite Sœur is a rocky uninhabited island that is dominated by a lush forest of trees and plants.

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